The little town of Holland, Michigan is known for many things: the spring celebration of Tulip Time, downtown's lush Farmer's Market, Thursday night's street performers, incredible restaurants, happening night life, Hope College, breweries, beaches... this list doesn't need to stop. Frankly, residents of such a scene need an escape in their own town.

Recently, a local high school asked Coast 3 to teach a 2 week kayaking and paddle boarding class in various locations near Holland. We covered the basics first, Pigeon River, Lake Macatawa, Kalamazoo River, Lake Michigan, then we explored Holland's biggest secret, the Macatawa River.

Lake Macatawa isn't the cleanest lake in West Michigan, far from it. However, it's fed by a series of streams and rivers - the farther upstream you go, the cleaner it gets. We dropped into the Macatawa River, also known as the Black River, near the intersection of 104th and Adams. 

The serenity is surprising. There aren't houses or parks, it's all natural and runs through the middle of Holland. It's a side of Holland you will never see, except by kayak or paddle board and it's highly recommended. 

Give us a call, we'd be happy to show Holland like you've never seen it. 

Kayak from 104th and Adams to Window on the Waterfront (2.5-3hrs)

Kayak from 104th and Adams to Window on the Waterfront (2.5-3hrs)