August is flying by and you may already be mentally preparing for the end of Summer. STOP! There is still plenty of time to enjoy summer. When we think about camping in Michigan, most of us jump to those months between Memorial Day and Labor Day when the kids are out of school. But for those of you not tied to a school schedule, or families looking for a weekend getaway, don't forget about September (and even October). Here are 5 Reasons why we think September might just be the best month of the year for a camping trip: 

  1. It's still summer. Technically summer extends to the 21st of September, and the summer weather usually does as well. The average high temperature for the month of September is a perfect 72 degrees. 
  2. Cooler evenings make for a better campfires. It's hard to enjoy a hot campfire on a hot day. September offers the perfect evening temperature for a pair of jeans by the fire. 
  3. Campgrounds are less busy. Kids are back in school which means quieter campgrounds and your choice of the best sites, no need for reservations. 
  4. Prices drop.  Everything from camper and gear rentals to campgrounds and tourist attractions drop their prices after Labor Day. 
  5. Bugs are gone. For the most part, the mosquitos and other pests tend to start disappearing in August. So, when camping in September you are less likely to spend your days covered in bug spray or swatting mosquitos. 

Other reasons you can think of? Feel free to share them! Coast 3 still has some camper rental availability for September and October and we'll be taking a few trips as well if you'd like to join us!