I spent last week on the island of St. Croix scouting it as a potential location for future guided diving trips. The question of whether or not this would be a COAST 3 travel destination was answered on the first dive.

I was pleasantly surprised with the amazing life on the reefs. Fish of every kind and size swarmed in schools. Sharks, spotted eagle rays, turtles, you name it. Additionally the corals were abundant and the variety was outstanding. One dive site would feature reefs more similar to Mexico and another would feature massive walls like those found in the Bay Islands.

But the diving was just part of it. On land the surprisingly affordable island offers a huge variety of lodging, dining, and fun. You can sail, rent jet skis, shop, hike, and yes, even watch large pigs drink beer (long story).

Stay tuned for updates as we'll be posting fall and winter trips in the near future. In the mean time enjoy the photos. 

 - Rob