Kylen Blom

Partner, Guru of Outdoor Recreation 

Kylen has traveled all of Michigan and the Midwest searching for the best places to take a hike, go kayaking, mountain biking, and really anything else you can do in the outdoors. As a co-founder of Hope College's Outdoor Adventure Club, Kylen is very familiar with guiding trips of all intensity levels. After building the popular apparel brand My Great Lake, Kylen sold his ownership to his partners and joined Coast 3.  He is newly married Jaime and we're just as shocked as you that she said yes. 




Brian Brookens

Partner, Gear & Camper Specialist 

Brian has knack for business and for solving problems. He is our go-to for what gear we purchase and how we manage it. All our equipment is checked by him before going out of the shop, so blame him if anything goes wrong. You'll see Brian and his shiny black truck delivering campers to a campground near you. Brian and his wife Kristin are starting their family this year by having kids in pairs.



Rob with Sharks.png

Rob Stam

Founder & Shark Feeder

Rob is the driving force behind Coast 3. His initial idea for a outdoor gear time sharing program spurred the idea for Natures Health Club. Rob is also a SCUBA instructor and will be leading several diving trips throughout the year...shark diving optional (at least that's what we tell you up front). Rob and his wife Chrisje have a 9 year old son Isaiah who you'll probably find long-boarding or dune-buggy driving when you stop by Coast 3. 



Kevin Bosch

Partner and the only one of us who owns a suit, which gives us credibility. If he gets us a picture of him in a backpack we'll change it. 

Not only is he one of the nicest guys on earth but he's also an experienced business man who helps keep the entire operation on track. He has a passion for helping grow the business and for getting people outdoors. Kevin and his wife Deb have four amazing kids.



Sheldon 2.jpg


Mascot, Canine Paddle-Boarding Instructor

Half Lab, half Border Collie....purebred awesome.