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Camper Rental Policies


1.PAYMENT: 50 % payment is required to secure reservation unless other arrangements have been entered into with Coast 3 personnel. The other 50 % is due 14 days before pickup/delivery.

2. CANCELLATION: Cancellations are subject to a forfeiture of payment. 50% of payment may be reimbursed if alternate renter can be secured to replace canceled rental. 

3. DAMAGE: Renter is responsible for all damage related fees not covered by insurance incurred from the time of departure to time of return to any part of the camper whether damage is caused by the negligence of the renter, acts of nature, or otherwise. Renter may request a walk through of unit prior to departure including a written record of any damage discovered prior to departure for which renter shall not be held responsible. Renter’s credit card will be billed to cover any fees associated with damages, replacement costs of missing items, and an insurance deductible of $1,000 when applicable. Coast 3 shall provide notification of damage or loss and amount to be billed prior to execution of credit card payment.

4. EQUIPMENT MALFUNCTION: Certain items, including but not limited to the: air conditioner, coffee maker, awning, radio, DVD player, television, and microwave are considered convenience items. While Coast 3 will make every effort to keep these in working order, it is possible that they may malfunction or be damaged during a previous rental and may not be in working order for your rental. Should this occur no reimbursements shall be due to renter.

5. DRIVER REQUIREMENTS: Coast 3 must be notified of all drivers pulling camper prior to pick up including personal drivers license numbers. All drivers must be at least 25 years of age. Coast 3 reserves the right to require a short driving observation of all drivers to insure experience and ability in pulling a trailer and may decline rental based on inability to adequately tow and park the camper.

6. TOWING VEHICLE: Renter must be able to show their vehicle has proper hitch and is capable to adequately pull camper and is a registered vehicle with current license plates. Per state law, tow vehicle pulling campers of over 3,000 lbs must have functional electronic brake controller installed. If one is not installed on vehicle, Coast 3 will provide you information for a third party to have one installed on your vehicle.

7. INSURANCE: Renter must provide proof of current automobile insurance for tow vehicle, including insurance agent contact information prior to departure. Insurance must cover liability on camper while attached to vehicle.

8. GENERAL USAGE GUIDELINES: Our campers are ideal for use at camp grounds and therefore we do not recommend “off the grid” camping. In order to make sure you have a good experience we recommend that at the very least you have electricity hook ups at your
campsite. Up to forty gallons of fresh water can be stored in most campers for use, but you will need power in order to run the water pump.
The battery may not be fully charged so do not depend on it. We do not recommend using the refrigerator under propane power, only when plugged in at your campground. One 30 pound tank of propane is included and should be more than enough for your rental period. If a tank runs out, simply hook up the extra full tank on the front of the trailer and turn the valve in between the tanks to the corresponding side. If you run out of the extra propane tank you can simply exchange the tank at a propane tank exchange, the cost of that exchange will NOT be reimbursed.

9. GENERAL RULES: No off-roading, speeding, or driving on unpaved roads with camper unless absolutely necessary to reach final destination in which case proceed at a reasonable speed and avoid potholes. No exceeding posted speed limits while towing camper. Do not exceed more than 65 mph weather permitting. Pop up campers must be in lowered locked position and doors on all campers must be locked during transit. No smoking or illegal drug use is permitted in campers. No usage of camper for illegal activities. No towing of other trailers or vehicles behind campers. Propane tanks and appliances must be in off position while in transit. No standing, sitting, or walking on the roof of camper. No persons are allowed to ride in camper while in tow. Use awning at your own risk. Awnings can be easily damaged if improperly lowered or stowed and can be easily damaged in wind or inclement weather. You are 100% liable for any costs associated with the repair or replacement of awning. Use only RV toilet paper in camper toilet. All written rules posted in campers must be strictly obeyed. All verbal and written guidelines provided prior to rental regarding operation and towing must be strictly obeyed.

10. SELF TOWING PICK UP & RETURN TIMES: Unless otherwise agreed upon, campers being picked up and returned by renter will be available for pick up at 2:00pm or later on the day of rental as indicated in the reservation form. Campers must be returned by 12:00pm on the return date indicated on the return form. Renter may call day of or day before and if camper is available it may be picked up early without additional charge.

11. COAST 3 DELIVERY AND PICK UP: Coast 3 offers delivery for renters should they choose or if renter is unable to meet any of the qualifications for self pick and return. Delivery is subject to availability of a driver and tow vehicle. Delivery rates are subject to distance and fuel prices. Deliveries are available to campgrounds only and not to locations such as private residences or festivals. Delivery times are not guaranteed as we may have multiple deliveries in one day, however you will be notified the day of delivery as to an estimated time. Renter is required to be on site at time of delivery or receive permission from campground for us to deliver in your absence. Typical delivery times are between 1pm and 5pm. Pick-ups will typically occur between 8:30am and 12:00pm and we will provide an estimate time of pick-up at delivery.

12. PETS: Pets are not allowed in campers without prior permission from Coast 3. A $100 cleaning fee is required should renter choose to bring pet(s). Additional cleaning or repair fees may also be charged should pet cause damage, stains, or leave odors requiring additional cleaning.

13. CLEANING: Renter agrees to return camper clean and the condition it was received in. Coast 3 does not require a standard cleaning or damage deposit. In the event that camper is returned in an unacceptable condition as determined by Coast 3 personnel, a cleaning fee of no less than $50 will be assessed to renters credit card. Unacceptable condition may include stains in carpet or furniture, excessive dirt or “grime”, excessive odors, or other unforeseeable conditions. Coast 3 shall provide description and notification of charges to be billed prior to execution of credit card payment.

14. HOLDING TANKS: If self towing, Renter has the option to empty holding tanks prior to return. Coast 3 will provide information regarding where and how to do so. Should renter choose not to do so, Coast 3 will do so at a rate for $50 plus waste dumping fees assessed by dump station.

15. RENTAL EXTENSION: Renters may extend their rental only if approved by Coast 3 by calling (616) 396-3105. Often another rental is scheduled for the same day or day after return. Failure to comply will result in renter being charged a $250 fee, plus a full days rate for each extra day, plus rental costs associated with securing a second camper for other renter.

16. COAST 3 FAILURE TO EXECUTE: Should Coast 3 fail to provide camper(s) as agreed upon herein, regardless of whether failure is the fault of Coast 3 or due to circumstances beyond the control of either party and not the fault of Renter, Coast 3 shall be responsible for providing an alternate camper of equal or similar size and specifications. Should another camper not be available, Coast 3 will cover reasonable costs associated with alternative lodging until camper can be provided. Renter understands that unforeseen circumstances not the fault of Coast 3 may arise and agrees to collaborate with Coast 3 in finding a reasonable solution. Should no reasonable solution be available or adequately provided, Coast 3 shall refund 100% of all rental expenses paid to date.

17. CONTRACT: Renters are required to sign a contract as required by our insurance provider: MBA insurance. This contract includes legal requirements beyond the scope of these policies, a record of payment, and requires various pieces personal information. 

18. Use of the awning is at renter's full responsibility, Any damage incurred by awning is at renter's fault.