The Mission:

We seek to provide a cost effective, hassle free mechanism for people to enjoy more time outdoors.

We'd like to help you eliminate any excuse that keeps you and your loved ones from spending quality time outdoors. Let us help you tackle the challenges of busyness, budget, or lack of knowledge on what to do and where to go. 


The Method:

 Collaborative Consumption is being called by many as the new way that the world will shop. Essentially it means that multiple people participate in the sharing of items that individually no one really needs all the time. Do you really want to own and maintain a camper? Or, do you simply want to go camping with a great camper? We manage the collaborative consumption process by offering an ever growing inventory of quality outdoor adventure equipment. We have equipment available for rent, or we offer a cost saving membership program.

Beyond the equipment, we help create experiences. For many people, the lack of knowledge on where to go and how to enjoy it keeps them from experiencing the natural wonders in their own backyard and around the world. We plan and lead regular trips and can also help you plan your own.  

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The Reason:

A Kaiser Family Foundation Study shows that American children spend an average of 7.5 hours per day with entertainment media. In contrast, they spend and an average of 4 minutes per day playing outside.  

We can do better. 


The History:

As a SCUBA instructor, COAST 3 founder, Rob Stam, noticed that the majority of his students wanted to purchase gear but couldn't justify spending thousands of dollars on something that they would probably only use once a year. The alternative was often worse: putting their life in the hands of an old set of rental equipment that probably had not been maintained in years.

His idea was to share and manage a set of dive gear amongst multiple people. But why stop with dive gear? What else do people only use a couple times a year? Campers, tents, kayaks, mountain bikes, etc. A small idea became something much bigger and COAST 3 officially went from an idea to a reality in late 2012 when Brian Brookens and Kevin Bosch joined Rob. Coast 3 opened it's Holland store in the spring 2013 and Kylen Blom became a partner shortly after that.  


The Name: 

The name comes from the owners home State of Michigan, often referred to as "America's Third Coast." With its 3,200 miles of Great Lakes coastline and measureless beauty, Michigan is truly an adventurer's dream come true. Although we have ambitions to open COAST 3 locations across the United States, it will always be rooted in one of America's premier adventure destinations.


We're building this business for you and we'd love to hear your questions or ideas on how COAST 3 might better provide the products and services that interest you. 


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