The Coast 3 GearShare Program

Here's the scenario: You want to own quality equipment but you don't really need it all the time. You could buy a new camper but it would spend 50 weeks a year in your driveway. Or perhaps you'd love a nice set of SCUBA gear, but you'll use it one week a year and stare at it in your basement the rest of the time. 

GearSharing is similar to timesharing (hence the name) but without the three hour high pressure sales pitch. Our high pressure pitch lasts about as long as it takes you to read this page. 


How it works

Starting in the fall of 2013, we will be announcing items available for the GearShare program. These items will consist of brand new higher end items such as Campers, SCUBA Gear, personal watercraft, and other outdoor adventure and sporting items based on customer demand. 

Each item will have a set number of weeks for sale to be used over a period of five years. Each block of weeks will have a fixed up-front price. Then you schedule your usage and have a good time. We handle all the logistics, storage, cleaning, and maintenance. 

GearShare equipment is only available for use to GearShare owners and is not a part of the Coast 3 rental inventory. This gives you the confidence that only a select number of people ever use the equipment and you also know that you'll get the same item time after time.